Everyone must answer the question, “Who is Jesus Christ?” Was he a liar who manipulated people into following him? Was he a lunatic who falsely believed he was the son of God? Or is it possible that Jesus really is Lord? This year at Inland Hills, we will deeply explore the life of Jesus through the Gospel of John. Whether you are a skeptic or a life-long believer, we invite you to join us on an epic adventure through the life of Jesus.


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A Study of John Series

This year long study will be divided into ten miniseries.

Weeks 1 – 5

A Study of John

A Study of John

Jan 8 – Feb 5

Join us as we journey through the the Gospel of John, an introduction to the life and purpose of Jesus Christ. Who is this man? What makes Him different? What makes Him special? John shares a unique and personal account of the life and teaching of Jesus, helping us to find our purpose in a world of uncertainty.

Weeks 6 – 11



Feb 12 – Mar 19

FOLLOW is the second miniseries in our year-long study through the Gospel of John. As we continue to learn more about Jesus, we will begin to discover what it means to truly follow Him. Whether you are new to church, or have been around for a while, this new series is a great opportunity for you to jump in and follow!

Weeks 12 – 14



Mar 26 – Apr 9

The disciples left their family, friends, and jobs to follow Jesus. Their faith in Him started small, and was constantly challenged. But it grew as their relationships with Him grew. As we get to know Jesus more, we, too, will be challenged in our faith. Will yours hold strong? FAITH is the third miniseries in our year-long study through the Gospel of John.


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