Everyone must answer the question, “Who is Jesus Christ?” Was he a liar who manipulated people into following him? Was he a lunatic who falsely believed he was the son of God? Or is it possible that Jesus really is Lord? This year at Inland Hills, we will deeply explore the life of Jesus through the Gospel of John. Whether you are a skeptic or a life-long believer, we invite you to join us on an epic adventure through the life of Jesus.


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A Study of John Series

This year-long study will be divided into ten miniseries.

Weeks 1 – 5

A Study of John

A Study of John

Jan 8 – Feb 5

Join us as we journey through the the Gospel of John, an introduction to the life and purpose of Jesus Christ. Who is this man? What makes Him different? What makes Him special? John shares a unique and personal account of the life and teaching of Jesus, helping us to find our purpose in a world of uncertainty.

Weeks 6 – 11



Feb 12 – Mar 19

FOLLOW is the second miniseries in our year-long study through the Gospel of John. As we continue to learn more about Jesus, we will begin to discover what it means to truly follow Him. Whether you are new to church, or have been around for a while, this new series is a great opportunity for you to jump in and follow!

Weeks 12 – 14



Mar 26 – Apr 9

The disciples left their family, friends, and jobs to follow Jesus. Their faith in Him started small, and was constantly challenged. But it grew as their relationships with Him grew. As we get to know Jesus more, we, too, will be challenged in our faith. Will yours hold strong? FAITH is the third miniseries in our year-long study through the Gospel of John.

Weeks 15 – 19



May 28 – June 25

Even though scores of people witnessed His miracles and were amazed at His words, still a level of division and confusion surrounded the question, “Who is Jesus?” Dive in with us as Jesus, Himself, answers this question and reveals His true identity. REVEAL is the fourth miniseries in our year-long study through the Gospel of John.

Weeks 20 – 24


July 2 – July 30

The miracles recorded in John were included so that we may know that Jesus is who He claimed to be. Join us this summer, as we welcome five guest speakers over the five Sundays in July, to hear various perspectives on some of these final miracles and the response Jesus received because of them. Would it take a miracle for you to believe? SUMMER is the fifth miniseries in our year-long study through the Gospel of John. 

Weeks 25 – 28


August 6 – August 27

Worship is one of those words that Christians often toss around. But what is it, exactly? Join us this month as we unpack just what worship truly looks like. Don’t worry, it’s not as weird as you may think. WORSHIP is the sixth miniseries in our year-long study through the Gospel of John.

Weeks 29 – 30


September 3 – September 10

Most of humanity believes that God is real, but accepting Him as Creator and Father comes with many questions. What’s God really like? How did people in the Bible relate to Him? And, how do we go from merely believing that He exists, to knowing Him on a life-changing level? Meet with us for our new miniseries, GOD – the seventh in our year-long study of John.

Weeks 31 – 35


September 17 – October 8

This fall, discover true community during our annual church-wide series, Endurance. Following Jesus is not a 100-yard dash; it’s a marathon. While it’s easy and exciting to start the journey, the true test comes over the long haul. There are bound to be difficulties and obstacles that come your way. The question is, will you endure to the finish?

Weeks 36 – 38


October 15 – October 29

Have you ever wondered why Jesus had to die? Why the arrest and trial? Why the flogging and torture? Why the cross? In all this, Jesus willingly lost everything so that we could gain everything. In this COST miniseries, we’ll see what Jesus suffered to transform the cross from a symbol of shame into the greatest hope the world has ever known.

Weeks 39 – 41


November 5 – 19

The entire Christian faith hinges on the hope that Jesus is who He says He is — the savior of the world by His resurrection. That claim is at the center of an age-old debate: Did the resurrection really happen? What evidence do we have? What if it didn’t happen? Aren’t His teachings and miracles useful enough on their own? In the final miniseries of our yearlong study of John, witness the history-changing event that embodies our belief in one word — HOPE.


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