MOPS Spring Semester

We Are The Starry Eyed

MOPS 2016-17 Second Semester

Did you know preschoolers ask an average of 300 questions per day? If you are a mom, you know! We know how you feel, and MOPS is just what you need!

In just 2 hours while you’re at MOPS, you will be able to…
Eat a meal while it’s still hot.
Have real conversations, and finish them!
Spend time with other woman who call you by your name, not “mother of (insert child’s name).”

At MOPS, you will be reminded that you are not alone. As Moms we often face challenges and insecurities, whether it be in our parenting, our marriages, or ourselves as a woman and mother.

This year’s registration includes:
• Becoming Starry Eyed: Practices to Cultivate Wonder, Hope and Kindness Guidebook
• An adorable print to beautify any space your cos
• A handmade (yes, handmade!) copper bracelet
• A Guide to the Night Sky
• An invitation to the 28-Day Challenge
• Annual subscription to Hello, Dearest magazine
• Exclusive discount offerings
• Weekly emails to fill you with inspiration
• And, of course, some surprises that you’ll absolutely fall in love with

$85 MOPS registration fee per semester
$75 MOPPETS childcare fee per child, per semester (if needed)

Find more information on our MOPS webpage.



Jan 18 2017 - May 17 2017


09:15 AM - 11:00 AM




The Studio


Sarah Groene