Belief In Motion

Belief In Motion
Momentum | Week 4 | Sunday, September 29


Have each person draw the logo of their favorite brand. Go around the room and share your drawing for the group to guess, then explain why that brand is your favorite.


Just like a logo reflects what its brand stands for, we reflect the love of God to the world. The way we live does not change God’s grace and love for us, but it does deeply impact our relationships, both with Him and with people. God wants us to live a life that reflects Him and His love, not just for our own sake but also for those around us.


Have someone read 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12. When we reject God by our actions, how does that affect our connection with Him (vs.7-8)?  Even though we grow with God by holy living, why do we still struggle to follow Him?

Sin has a way of bogging us down in our forward motion with God. What are strongholds of sin in you that you’re aware of?

How have you seen relationships damaged as a result of sin and selfish decisions?  

Paul (the writer of this passage) gives pointed instructions on sexual sin, in particular. Why do you think sexual immorality has such a strong bearing on Godly living?


Have someone read 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12. These verses don’t promote standing idle in the midst of injustice, but rather living peacefully and gaining respect from others by our actions.

In your opinion, what topics can Christians speak out on more often? How can you maintain peace while addressing those topics?

There is a difference between dependence and interdependence; where do you need to be less dependent, or more gracious when others are generous toward you?


Pinpoint the sin that slows your progress as a Christian, and submit it to God in an effort to turn from it. Ask yourself: how can your faith, actions, or even struggles have a positive effect on others in the next few days?


An amazing way to put your belief into motion on a global scale is to participate in Operation Christmas Child, filling boxes with gifts to send to one of thousands of children each Christmas. For information, contact Sue Burman at 909.223.6270.


Start with the following prayer, then each group member will tell God where they most need momentum in their lives: 

God, you stand for peace and abundant life—two things that the world is desperate for. The lives of other people can be changed forever if they see peace and life in us, but at times we don’t reflect who you are very well. We can reflect sin in all its forms, but you lead us out of shame and into grace. May we pick up momentum in the areas of life that we need it:

(Each group member can give a brief response) 

In Jesus’ name, Amen!