Built To Last

Built To Last
Sunday, July 26

*Note to leaders: This guide is designed to assist you and your group while growing in your relationship with Jesus together. As you prepare each week, feel free to prioritize questions or sections in this study guide, based on your group dynamic and needs.


Jesus desires to build a better life in and through us.


Share of a DIY or home project that you recently started or completed.


Have someone read Matthew 7:24-29.

What are some examples of an unwise foundation that people may choose to build upon?

Is it possible to rebuild one’s foundation? What does starting over and rebuilding look like in one’s life?

How have you experienced a reliance on Jesus to help you weather the storm?


Have someone read 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

How has the encouragement from others helped you through difficult times?

When experiencing difficulties, what do you do to reach out for the encouragement and support of others?

What do you find to be the most difficult part about asking others for assistance?


Have someone read 1 Peter 5:1-7.

Who in your life has shown you a strong example of following Christ? What aspects of their life do you seek to emulate?

Who can you be an example of godly living toward? Name one hurdle that threatens your willingness to build into others. What would it take to overcome that specific challenge?


Have someone read Romans 8:9-11.

What encouragement do you get as a result of knowing that with Christ you are not controlled by the sinful nature? 

How can you better live through the Spirit? What would your life look like if you were able to fully embrace the truth of these verses?


Good, bad or neutral; we are surrounded by things that desire our attention and others that seek to influence us. What is one small thing you can do this week to focus more on the positive things that encourage us toward a life of following Christ? What action step can you put in place to better choose how you will build your house?


Thank you God for the way that you love and care for us in both good times and bad. Help us to better build and position our lives around You and your desires for us. Help us to encourage and support one another as we seek to trust and follow you. Amen!