It’s more than a job. It’s a calling.

Our mission is to help people find life by following Jesus, and that includes our staff! We believe in creating a healthy, collaborative atmosphere for those who want to partner their talents with their passion for growing the local church. We’re looking for people to join our team who are as excited as we are about serving Jesus, and love working alongside others who care about making a difference in people’s lives!



We’re currently searching for the right candidate who is passionate about telling great stories through video and photography that allow people to experience God, demonstrate impact, build excitement, and promote connection and growth.  This role will also sit in an Executive Producer role for the weekend Experience and be responsible for leading, running, and training volunteers on our video systems.

Don’t see a fit?

That’s ok! We’d still love to connect! Simply apply as a Random Awesome Future Staff Member (RAFSM for short), tell us about your dream job, and we’ll let you know when we have something interesting for you.

If IHC is already your home, we’d love to have you join us for the next session of Activate, our 4-week class designed to help us get to know each other. We’ll help you explore some IHC “distinctives,” including how we live out our faith, and how you can get plugged in to serve on our Dream Team.


Make it better. Understand the win; work hard – do “whatever it takes;” embrace change – experiment, learn, and keep trying.
Work collaboratively. Communicate across the organization (no silos; no territorialism); don’t be too proud to ask for help; don’t be too busy to offer help.
Care personally; challenge directly. Embrace a culture of feedback and development; share concerns about your job and work environment with your supervisor; bring your whole self to work; model vulnerability.
Develop others. Keep your head up and eyes open to identify potential leaders; call out the potential you see in others; help others move up.
Choose joy. Be enjoyable; be positive; a thermostat, not a thermometer; be a champion for the team and the mission.