Christmas At The Movies

Christmas At The Movies
Sundays | November 29- December 20

While our small groups are officially on a “holiday break” until the week of January 10, 2021, here are some suggested questions to get conversations started with your spouse, your family, or maybe even some small group members you’re keeping in touch with over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to have some fun talking about YOUR favorite Christmas movies, and try to identify some ways you can see them pointing toward the teachings of Jesus this season!As you reflect on this week’s message:

  1. What was surprising for you?
  2. What did you hear that resonated with you?
  3. What was a challenge for you?
  4. What would you like more information on?
  5. Do you sense God is speaking to you through the Scriptures we discussed in the message, and if so, what is He saying?
  6. What did this message teach or remind you about Jesus’ expectations of His followers?