Eyes On The Prize

Eyes On The Prize
From Here To There | Sunday, November 3


When multiple duties and challenges arise, our faith is defined by our trust in God’s ability to lead and provide for us.


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, which food would you choose?


Under God’s direction, Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and through the wilderness toward the Promised Land. During the journey, God would provide for the basic needs of His people—but they grew discontent.

Have someone read Numbers 11:4-20. What spurred the Israelites’ craving for meat? What did their complaints say about their belief in God’s provision?

Do you find Moses’ blunt statements to God assertive, or disrespectful? Why or why not?

How can taking on too many leadership duties distract us from God’s future plans and purpose for us?

Israel’s goal was to obey God and follow Moses into The Promised Land, but their disobedience often took them off the path. Which goals have you lost sight of at times?


The people complained—and even longed to be back in Egypt again—but they couldn’t reach the Promised Land unless they stuck with God’s direction for them.

Have someone read Numbers 11:31-34.

Share an example of when you got what you wanted, but found that it didn’t bring the satisfaction or result that you’d hoped for.

From this passage, and what you know about Israel in the wilderness, what can we learn about following God’s direction in our life? Where do you need to trust His guidance more?


What is God trying to teach you about following His lead? As you pray this week, ask Him to define your ability to lead and be led—submitting to His vision so that you can share it with others.


God, at times I can be like Moses—frustrated and burned out as a leader. Other times, I resemble Israel: ungrateful and unwilling to be led. From group time today, I pray that a better way becomes clear. Your way. A path to walk by and a purpose to live by. Thank you for guiding me to lead well in the roles you’ve placed me in. Amen!