Facing Roadblocks

Facing Roadblocks
Momentum | Week 2 | Sunday, September 15


If appropriate, have each person share one of their last 10 phone pics. What was the setting of the photo, and what was the reason for it (vacation, accomplishment, friends/family, etc.)?


When Paul first came to Thessalonica, he encountered opposition before being driven out of town. He longed to return and encourage the believers living in the city. In this passage, we get a picture of Paul’s desire to go back to the Thessalonians, but he is unable to. Instead, he sends Timothy in his place to continue the work that had been started.


Have someone read 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:5. Here we see Paul, God’s entrusted apostle, unable to return and complete the work that God had set out for him to do. What do you think went through Paul’s mind, being separated from Thessalonica?

Have you ever fallen short of reaching a goal, yet helped someone else accomplish it? Share your experience, and how you felt during that process.  

Why do you think Paul doesn’t want believers to be unsettled by trials?

Difficulties are often part of the Christian life; for you, how have they pointed you toward Christ, rather than away?

One step further, how has God prepared you to encounter spiritual opposition? In those trials, what truths keep you focused on God?


Have someone read 1 Peter 5:6-9. There is a real enemy. We live in a supernatural world where that enemy of God is a constant threat to God’s people. What are some examples of threats that you have seen Christians endure?

Where do you see spiritual battles in your life? How can those battles keep you from fully experiencing God’s best for you?

Roadblocks are often part of our journey, but they’re never bigger than God. Name one roadblock that you have overcome with His help.


Who do you know that is facing a battle right now? And how will you encourage and strengthen them this week? If there is a need within your small group, come up with action steps to give support: providing meals, childcare, help around the house, etc.


Your group can provide a safe Halloween for families of all ages at IHC’s Trunk Or Treat on Oct 31. We’ll be taking candy donations on Sundays starting Sep 22, and all small groups are encouraged to decorate a car trunk with festive, candy-packed, pumpkin-y designs.


Lord Jesus, you give us a hope and a message that can prepare the world for eternity with you. But with the world’s brokenness and the enemy present, we will face resistance in sharing that message. God, please encourage us that resistance is nothing new, and that it can’t withstand your love and power. That power is in us when we trust you. Please lead us to take the offensive, hold steady when our progress stalls, and trust that you will complete the work. In Jesus’ name, Amen!