Faith Deceit

Faith Deceit
Faking It | Sunday, November 17


Without humility, our devotion to God can become arrogance—and Jesus shares a story that shows the difference between being righteous, and self-righteous.


Identify some of the most revered professions in our society. By contrast, what are some often despised professions?


Jesus relates a parable to his disciples about the interaction between a Pharisee (considered religiously pious and spiritually revered) and a tax collector (often despised and distrusted).

Have someone read Luke 18:9-14. The comparison game is real—how do you see people comparing themselves to others?

How has comparison had a negative influence in your life?

Have you ever thanked God for being in a “better” situation than someone else? Did that attitude lead beyond gratitude into positive action and change? Why, or why not?

What’s preventing you from “going home justified before God”?

How can the truth in Romans 12:3 give you an accurate picture of yourself, and of God?

In what ways do you resemble the Pharisee? How can you be more like the tax collector?

How have you observed people seeking the approval of others instead of God? Why does it seem easier to impress people rather than God?

Think of a person that you often compare yourself to, or even think you are better than. How has that thinking negatively impacted your relationship with them? Instead, what can you do to show humility toward that person, and better focus on God?


Measure your humility to both the Pharisee and tax collector this week. Which small action steps can you take to resemble the tax collector more, and the Pharisee less?


Jesus, thank you for telling this story to guide our hearts toward true humility. Sometimes we want to be right more than we want to be humble, even in our faith. Today, we hand you our self-righteous thoughts, words, and actions, because we desire instead to take pride in you, Jesus. We pray this in your name—amen!

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