Forming True Disciples

Forming True Disciples
Sunday, July 19

*Note to leaders: This guide is designed to assist you and your group while growing in your relationship with Jesus together. As you prepare each week, feel free to prioritize questions or sections in this study guide, based on your group dynamic and needs.


Growing in our faith requires action and discipline.


Describe your perfect day of absolute comfort.


Have someone read Matthew 28:18-20.

How have you seen “ejection theology” motivate the actions of others? 

How does a proper understanding of God’s kingdom reign through God’s people over God’s world influence how you choose to respond to the flaws of the world?

Being a Christian requires faith put into action. How does following Jesus require you to step out of your comfort zone?

With what section of these verses do you most resonate? In which portion of this empowering directive do you feel you have the most potential to excel?


Have someone read Colossians 3:5-14. 

These verses contrast two different ways of living. How can we view Godly living so attractional that we release our hold over the portions of our old way of living? 

Share with your group some ways that you actively seek to grow in your faith?

Verses 9-10 speak of taking off the old self and putting on the new. What are some areas of your life that have been radically changed as a result of following Jesus?

How have you experienced the benefit of living in unity and harmony with other believers? What small simple way can you better promote unity among the body of believers?


Are there any areas of your earthly nature that you have not yet put to death? What prevents you from fully handing that portion of your life over to God? What steps could you take this week to trade a specific stronghold for godly living? 


Thank you God choosing to reign over this world though your people. Help us to follow you closely and continue to grow in our knowledge and love for you. Help us to make a difference in the world for your kingdom by sharing your love and living in unity with others. Amen!