Holy Discontent

Holy Discontent
From Here To There | Sunday, October 13


When we don’t feel equipped, worthy, or “good” enough, God reminds us of our purpose, the power we gain from Him, and the love He has for us.


As a child, what were some stunts you pulled to cover up the mistakes you made (i.e., moving the couch over a carpet stain, bumping the dent out of a car bumper, taping over a hole in the wall, etc.)?


Moses, a Hebrew, was raised in the privileged house of the Pharaoh during a time of great enslavement of the Hebrew people in Egypt.  


Have someone read Exodus 2:11-15. Why does Moses flee? Share an instance when running away seemed like a good option for you. What was the outcome, and how did God use that instance for good?

Moses reacted out of great passion and emotion, rather than thinking through the consequences. When have you tended to react before thinking?

Our wrongs have a way of being brought to light, but that opens the door for freedom. How have you seen God work through your mistakes to bring growth or healing?


Have someone read Exodus 3:1-10. Why do you suppose God used a burning bush to get Moses’ attention? What means has God used to pull you back toward Him?

Sometimes we have a heart for a cause, but we want someone else to lead. What has God called you to do that you don’t feel qualified for?

How are you uniquely built to serve at IHC in terms of reaching those who aren’t here yet?


This week, in prayer, slow down and let God clarify His purpose for you, then pick a practical step to move toward that purpose—that heartbeat—that you received from Him. Identify any doubts or distractions that have muffled that heartbeat, share them with God, and ask for His help in taking further steps forward. 


God, thank you for placing me here: in a certain place, with certain people, for a certain reason. The ways you made me unique are the ways you work through me to reach others. Sometimes, my mistakes and my routine and my choices make your plan for me very uncertain, but I don’t want to settle for that. Lord, please remind me of who you made me to be, and what you intend for me to accomplish. In Jesus’ name. Amen!


Your small group can drop off candy at IHC on Sundays this month, decorating a car trunk to look like, for example, a pirate ship—and dressing the part!