Gigantic Jesus: Cosmic Instruction from Colossians

It’s possible to nail the details and still miss the big picture. We can climb the corporate ladder, make a ton of money, have an Instagram-ready family and still be miserable. We can attend church, join a Bible study, serve our community and still feel spiritually dead.

The New Testament contains a letter written by the Apostle Paul and addressed to the church in a second-rate market town called Colossae. In it, Paul skips past the details and frames the big picture: a startling understanding of Jesus that has been transforming lives for nearly 2,000 years.

Feeling underwhelmed with what society has told you would make you happy? You need to read Colossians. Feeling weighed down by religiosity that seems untethered from reality? You need to read Colossians. Longing for a renewed sense of who Jesus is and why any of this matters? You need to read Colossians. So we’ll do it together!