God is (Actually) Good

God is (Actually) Good
Sunday, August 2

*Note to leaders: This guide is designed to assist you and your group while growing in your relationship with Jesus together. As you prepare each week, feel free to prioritize questions or sections in this study guide, based on your group dynamic and needs.


God is (Actually) Good


Share of a circumstance when the expectation did not match the reality.


Have someone read John 9:1-12. 

People assumed that the man in this story was blind as a result of sin. How have you seen unfortunate outcomes and situations wrongly associated with sin or judgement?

How do you avoid connecting the misfortune of others with the judgment of God? How do you do this in your own personal life?

How is our understanding of God influenced by our ability to trust God as good?

What are some examples in your relationship with God where you often expect God to act based on something you do or don’t do?

How does God’s unmovable view of you influence how you seek to live your life? 

How can you have greater reliance on God’s goodness when you see pain and depravity surrounding you?


Have someone read John 9:13-34. 

Why do you think people were so skeptical of the miracle they observed? What would full acceptance of the situation require of them?

Identify a situation in your life (physically or emotionally) that God turned into an opportunity to display His goodness and power.

Why do you believe the divided religious leaders brought the man’s parents into the investigation?

Like the blind man, how has your belief in Jesus excluded you from a particular group? What have you found to be helpful when facing opposition as a result of your faith?


What can you do this week to revel in the fact that God is capable of radically transforming your life? What does increasing your trust in God’s love and purpose for you look like?


Thank you God for showing us love and grace even though we sometimes struggle to fully trust you. Help us to be confident that you are good and have a purpose for us regardless of our circumstances. Help us to trust you more as we seek to demonstrate your faithfulness to those around us. Amen!