Legacy Of Leadership

Legacy Of Leadership
From Here To There | Sunday, October 27


The truth of God doesn’t just direct your own life—it’s also meant to be passed on to future generations.


Who embodies a positive example of leadership for you?


As Israel’s leader, Moses delivered a message from God to the Israelites: as they cross into the Promised Land, they must be living examples of the love and power of God—both to their children, and to all peoples.

Have someone read Deuteronomy 6:1-9, then Deuteronomy 31:7-8. Who, and what, are these commandments intended for?

In your view, what are essential qualities of leadership?

Do you consider yourself a leader? Why or why not? Regardless of your answer, what leadership roles do you occupy in everyday life?

Just as Moses passed leadership to Joshua with intention and care, who do you intend to pass leadership on to? What challenges and victories might come with that process?


This passage in Judges gives us an example of a generation of people deciding not to impart the hope and truth of God to their children.

Have someone read Judges 2:8-11. When life is going well, it can be easy to forget God’s role in the good times. Which of God’s truths and commands do you tend to forget when life seems easy?

Nowadays, how do we fall short, or even refuse, to make room for the next generation in embracing the message of Christ?

One of Inland Hills’ values is to be an intergenerational church. How can you, specifically, instill faith and influence in the generation after you? Before you?


Who could you build into this week? Pick someone at work, home, school, etc., that you will share the wisdom of God with, and ask Him to provide moments to do so.


Father God, your wisdom has been handed down through your Word and by your Holy Spirit, and each generation must carry it on to the next. We pray that we remember and embrace you, so that we can guide the ones who follow us. May we accept that legacy, and may it continue on in future generations that choose to devote their lives to you. Amen!


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