Lying To Ourselves

Lying To Ourselves
Faking It | Sunday, November 10


Keeping up appearances can make you look really good to others—even to yourself—but the real you has far more influence and potential in God’s eyes.


Tell the group: what’s one way that you present yourself as “better” than you actually are? Examples are: cleaning the house before guests arrive, driving slower when other people are in your car, overusing Instagram filters, and so on.


David, the king of Israel, convinced himself that his unjust actions required no reproof. God sent Nathan to help David see the error of his ways through a parable.

Have someone read 2 Samuel 12:1-7. What kind of process would it take for someone like David to become fully unaware of the pain and wickedness that he had caused?

Oftentimes, we can’t see our own personal shortcomings; as a start, how have you seen people lie to themselves (abilities, actions, image, etc.)?

We often judge ourselves by our good intentions, and judge others by their actions. What are some faults that you often see in others before you see them in yourself?


Have someone read Romans 6:8-14. Christ followers are to live as if they are dead to sin and alive with God. How do we carry out that command to keep sin from reigning in us? What struggles do we face in that?

How do you feel about the idea of sin having “mastery” over you? Which sins seem to have your number, that you want to be free of? What holds you back from that freedom?

How could this small group correct you with grace and respect? How could you be more approachable, and open to correction, from those you trust?


This weekend, we heard some warning signs that indicate we might be lying to ourselves (addiction, manic cheeriness or irritation, defensiveness, cynicism, belittlement, etc.). Do you see warning signs that you aren’t being honest with yourself? With God’s grace in mind, take a clear, introspective look into your life—revealing the lies and resulting fallout, but trusting that God has a plan to lead you out of them. From there, ask Him which actions you must take to follow that plan.


Lord God, we face lies and their effects every day, from around us and within. Thank you for understanding that daily battle, and for nudging us to see the lies we buy into. Today, we ask for courage to admit to—and refuse—those lies, and we also ask for freedom from them. Please replace them with truth—that who you made us to be is so much better to live by. Amen!