We believe in the power of prayer.

Prayer is a significant aspect of our growing relationship with Jesus. We are committed to praying individually, in small groups, and as a congregation.

Have a praise or a prayer request to share? Our staff and E-Prayer team would be honored to pray for you. You can fill out a prayer request during any of our weekend services, or submit a request online.

Join us to pursue God’s love, power and presence through prayer, and commit to pray over the needs of our congregation on a regular basis.

We want to support all of the hardworking healthcare workers out there! Come to our Healthcare prayer meet-ups on Zoom – meeting Thursdays at 4pm, and Sundays at 8pm – to pray together and encourage one another. Register and choose the day that works best for you.

Prayer Quilts

Sew Blessed Quilters is an IHC ministry that creates special quilts for people in critical need of prayer. As each knot is tied, a prayer is offered for that specific person’s need, so each quilt becomes a blessing of encouragement and of prayer for the recipient. Fill out the form below to indicate that you’re praying for each quilt recipient. (Check back for new prayers needed each week!)


Quilt 1: Rudy

Rudy has serious medical problems – septic, diabetic, losing function of hand, no date he will be released from the hospital.  Once discharged, he will need in-home care as he cannot get out of bed or walk without resistance.  Pray that Rudy heals, and his blood infection heals and does not go into his bones, and when he’s released from the hospital, to let his family help him.  Pray for his wife, Louise, to stay strong during this difficult time, and allow her family to help her and to save her strength.


Quilt 2: Gaby

Gaby was just diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer & Stage 1 ovarian cancer. She is only 28 years-old & is married with 3 little girls. Her mom, Edith passed away from cancer in her lung, bone, and brain in 2005.


Quilt 3: Lisa

Lisa was just diagnosed with breast cancer and will undergo surgery soon.


Quilt 4: Renee

Renee is experiencing a lot of pain due to Fibro Myalgia.

Let us know you’re praying:

If you would like to request a quilt for someone with a critical health need, please use this simple form to submit your request. Quilts must be picked up (delivery is not available at this time) in the Chino area; instructions will be provided upon confirmation.