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Infants – 2 Years

Early Childhood Division

Our team of trained staff and volunteers are committed to loving, caring for, and providing a safe and fun environment for your little one. Our babies, toddlers, and two-year olds will have a blast as they experience Jesus’ love in a way that they can understand. In the nursery, that will be in the form of a volunteer who cares for, plays with, and prays for them. In our Walker room (toddlers), volunteers love getting on the floor and playing with each child. For our two year olds, they’ll get the chance to play, hear a Bible story, and dance to worship songs that they’ll love.

Have questions about the Early Childhood Division? Contact Janna Apodaca (909.393.1577, ext. 613).

3 Years – Kindergarten

Preschool Division

Our team of energetic staff and volunteers love and embrace this special age group. Each child will be assigned a small group leader, get the chance to play and interact with other kids their age, learn a fun Bible story, sing, and dance to songs, and participate in a Bible-based activity and discussion in their small group. To get your child involved, simply check them in to the age-appropriate class during any Sunday service.

Have questions about the Preschool Division? Contact Janna Apodaca (909.393.1577, ext. 613).

inland hills, kids, children, ministry, serve, church

1st – 4th Grade


We want your child’s time to be the best hour of their week! Our trained staff and volunteers provide your 1st – 4th grader with a safe, fun, child-centered environment. We use music and singing, drama, videos, and group discussion to learn about God, His love for them, and how they can love others. To get your child connected, just show up during any Sunday service! Our elementary classrooms are located in Building B.

Have questions about the 1st – 4th Grade? Contact Dan Mattson (909.393.1577, ext. 615).

Want to serve in IHC Kids?

Special Needs

This unique program matches trained volunteers with children who have special needs so they may experience the love of Jesus while parents/guardians attend service, knowing that their children are being well cared for.

Swing Over

Infants – preschool-aged children may move up to the next class throughout the year, as their birthdays dictate. Grades 1st – 12th “swing over” to the next classes together, on a specified Sunday, as announced each year.

Wellness Policy

To protect all children and to ensure the health of our staff and volunteers, we ask that sick children not attend IHC Kids classes. Read our Wellness Policy here.


For children in Early Childhood (infants – 2 years) please bring a diaper, a bottle marked with your child’s name, and something that provides comfort for your child.

For older children, we’ll supply everything they need to make their time in IHC Kids comfortable, fun, and engaging. It’s always a good idea to bring a Bible if they have one.

Your child’s time in IHC Kids will be active and fun, so they should dress in appropriate, comfortable clothing for sitting on the floor, enjoying active play, and engaging in craft activities that may involve chalk, paint, glue, and other creative media that might get on clothing. There’s no need to “dress up” at IHC!

We ask that older children dress conservatively (no short skirts or midriffs showing) and wear shoes in which they would be comfortable running and playing.

IHC is a church of small groups, and that includes IHC Kids. Beginning at age 3, your child is placed in a small group with a caring leader.

Small groups are a safe place for your child to ask questions and be connected in a community.

When you bring your child to the same service each weekend, your child’s small group leader gets to know your child and who you are. This is a big help in building intentional relationships with other children and with their small group leader, who will play a key role in your child’s spiritual development while they’re in IHC Kids.

In the early childhood area, we’ll spend time engaging your child in loving care and play.

A typical preschool service in IHC Kids has the following flow:

  • Check-In (15 minutes before service)
  • Classroom Time—interaction and play (20 minutes)
  • Large Group Time—singing and lesson (20 minutes)
  • Small Group Time—activity, craft, and prayer (20 minutes)

A typical elementary service in IHC Kids has the following flow:

  • Check-In (15 minutes before service)
  • Classroom Time—interaction with other children and leaders (15 minutes)
  • Large Group Time—singing, game, and lesson (25 minutes)
  • Small Group Time—activity, discussion, and prayer (20 minutes)

In the Early Childhood and Preschool areas, your child advances to their next age group once they have reached the age for that room. We have classes for infants, walkers, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, and 5 years/Kindergarten.

In the Elementary area, your child advances to the next age group with all the other children on Swing Over Weekend in early summer. We’ll make sure parents know when Swing Over is happening. Although some children are in year-round schools, we recognize a traditional track in IHC Kids and ask all children to wait until Swing Over Weekend to move up to their next grade.