More Than Managing Expectations

More Than Managing Expectations
Sunday, May 9

As people we crave certainty, yet life is full of uncertainties. What are some of your (healthy or not so healthy) responses to situations that are beyond your control? Do you practice any spiritual disciplines to help manage that stress?

Carey Nieuwhof, a pastor, author and developer of thriving Christian leaders recently wrote: “You are as busy as you want to be. No more, no less.” Discuss the impact of this idea in your own life.

Re-read and reflect on the Bible passages featured in today’s message. What stands out as something encouraging, challenging, or new to you from one of these passages? What’s a key takeaway that you can apply this week?

Commit to Action

Open up to your group about an expectation you’re struggling with. Challenge yourself to be vulnerable! Take time as a group to pray for those struggles, and/or to affirm how you see each group member “shining” for Jesus. Take turns praying individually for each group member to close out your time together this week.


Don’t forget to conclude your meeting praying for one another.