Moving Forward

Moving Forward
Momentum | Week 5 | Sunday, October 6


Have each person send a GIF to the group chat that best describes their day so far. Share and discuss!


Paul seeks to give encouraging words about the coming of the Lord to the Thessalonian people. He urges the listeners to be expectant, vigilant, hopeful, and encouraging to others. They are to continue godly living and loving others as they prepare for the Lord’s return—in their lifetime, or in the future.


Have someone read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11. How does the imminent return of Christ give you a greater sense of urgency, and perspective, for daily living?

Share a story of when you’ve seen hope in Christ provide comfort in the midst of grief. By contrast, what has grief without hope looked like to you?  

What does it mean for the “day of the Lord” (v.2) to be unknown and sudden, yet unsurprising? How might you stay awake and alert for the return of Jesus?

Looking at v.8, what area of your life (home, school, work, church, etc.) do you observe a greater need for faith, hope, and love? How can you invite the group and the church to speak hope into that area?


Have someone read 1 Thessalonians 5:12-18. This passage addresses how we treat the people who influence us, as well as those that we influence. Looking at v.14, is it easier for you to correct, encourage, help, or be patient with others? Which of those are hard for you to do?

How is it possible to live out the commands of always rejoicing and continually praying? Name someone you know who models this well.

In v.18, we are told to give thanks in ALL circumstances. What kinds of ingratitude hold you back from allowing God to shape your character?


Think of someone you know that’s in need of hope, faith, and love, and put yourself in their shoes. What would you need the most? With that answer, provide for that person out of joy, and pray for them this week.


As a small group, support IHC’s Trunk or Treat on Oct 31 this year—by donating candy, picking a group costume theme (superheroes? 80’s band?), and trunk decorating ideas. 


We thank you, Jesus, for walking with us through the Momentum series. Across the church, new friendships and connections are being made, and you have even bigger plans for every small group, including us. As we wrap up, we desire to put your Word to action through us by serving, helping, praying, and encouraging. We trust that our lives are better knowing you, and knowing each other here. Jesus, we await your return—and until then, we will work toward healing and peace in the world. In your name we pray. Amen!