From Here To There | Sunday, October 20


In walking with God, He helps us let go of false limits and ideas about who we are—ultimately leading us to become the people He created us to be.


As a child, what chore did you dislike most? How did you try to avoid doing it? As an adult, has anything changed?


Have someone read Exodus 3:7-22. What must Moses have been feeling, hearing that God will rescue Israel, but will do it through Moses himself? How can you relate to Moses whenever you’re given an important task or purpose to carry out?

Many times, Moses protested God’s call to lead Israel. In the same way, how might you be saying “no” to God now?

Large or small, describe a past calling from God that you let slip through your hands. How could the door still be open to answer that call?


Have someone read Exodus 4:1-17. God tasks Moses, exiled in the wilderness, with confronting the ruler of Earth’s most powerful empire. If you were in Moses’ spot, which objections would you bring to God?

We may have false ideas about who we really are, or false limits that restrict us. Which falsehoods have you accepted before? And, which ones are you seeking to get rid of now?

Similar to Moses’ staff, God has given you talents, relationships, education, etc., to accomplish great things. Spend some time as a group pointing out the gifts you see in each other.


Naming our false ideas and obstacles helps us overcome them. This week in prayer, ask God to reveal these in you, and seek His strength to move toward your true identity and purpose.


Father God, you created us for a specific reason, to reach specific people. Still, we can get distracted and deceived about who we really are, settling for roles that limit us and don’t represent you well. Lead us to understand that your love—shared today in your Word and in this group—frees us and leads us to the truth. Thank you for allowing me to dream and achieve great things, because you guide my every step. Amen!


Spots are still open for small groups to deck out a car trunk in a fun theme and hand out candy at IHC on Halloween night! Candy donations are also welcome through Sunday, Oct 27.