Staying The Course

Staying The Course
Momentum | Week 3 | Sunday, September 22


Play the Toilet Paper Game as a group: assuming all nearby toilets are broken, take all the tissue paper you would need for the whole day and pass the roll to the next person. Your leader will tell you what to do next!


Paul sends Timothy to encourage and strengthen the faith of the Thessalonian people—fearing they might have been led astray—but he was overjoyed to hear that the Thessalonians have stood firm in God.


Have someone read 1 Thessalonians 3:6-13. Share how someone else’s faith has encouraged you. By the same token, how has your faith encouraged others?

The phrase, “for now we really live” (v.8) speaks to gaining strength from each other’s enduring faith. What encouragement do we share as a result of following Christ?  

What can we learn from this passage about teamwork, joy, suffering, and thanksgiving?

Verses 11-13 are Paul’s prayer for the Thessalonians. If you personally owned these verses, how would your relationships change? Who else in your life do you desire faith-strengthened relationships for?


Have someone read Philippians 3:12-14. We often have people, places, and possessions that pull our focus away from God. Which of these tends to sneak in and prevent you from fully pressing forward?

Who do you see as an example of “staying the course” when it comes to Christian living? In turn, who are you trying to be an example to?

When is it tough for you to stay the course? And which lessons, verses, and loved ones help you get back on track?


Where is momentum taking you in your journey with Christ: preparing to embark, pushing forward, regaining strength, straying off the path, climbing uphill, etc.?

Spend some time in prayer as a group, asking God to identify what you need in order to obtain momentum from Him.


As a group, you can bring stability and hope to others. Consider helping God’s Pantry in Chino on Saturday, Sep 28, as they provide food and prayer for those trying to stay afloat and needing a hand with groceries.


Father God, we’re never meant to be alone in our faith. You live in us, and you bring us together with other believers that inspire us and teach us with their faith. Thank you for giving us each other to run this race with, to remember our goal, and to finish well. May your good news be real to us while sharing life each day. In your name we pray, Jesus. Amen!