God challenged the Israelites in Malachi 3:10-11 to test His faithfulness by returning the first 10% of their income to Him. This is called the tithe. Countless people experience His blessings when they tithe, but the first step can be the hardest one to take. The 90-Day Tithe Challenge is a great way to take your next step toward experiencing God’s faithfulness. It’s not primarily about money, but about trusting God.

Pastor Josh is inviting Inland Hills Church to grow in our faithfulness by taking the challenge. Will you join us?

Here’s our commitment to you: We invite you to tithe for 90 days. If you do that, and don’t see God’s blessings in your life over those 90 days, we will refund 100% of your tithe. No questions asked.

Ready to join in? Here’s how YOU can put God first in your finances:

Make your 90-Day Tithe Challenge commitment.

Sign up to participate, and you’ll receive encouragement and support from Pastor Josh and our team throughout your tithe challenge.

Make your first tithing gift.

Giving online, or through our mobile app, is simple and secure. You can also donate cash or checks during any of our weekly gatherings.

Questions? Need to request a refund? Our staff is happy to help. Please use this form to share your info, and we’ll be in touch!