Since 1991, Inland Hills Church has been a living example of how the grace of God transforms lives. Founded and led by Dave and Carol Stoecklein, and later their son Andrew, IHC desires to prove that people matter to the Church and to God.

After losing Dave in 2015, and Andrew in August of 2018, that mission now calls Inland Hills to follow God into a transition process to name a new Lead Pastor. An exceptional group of leaders, members, and consultants, seeking God’s direction, will follow a search plan and make a recommendation.

As the process unfolds in earnest, Inland Hills walks forward boldly, continuing the work begun by the Stoecklein family and preparing the way for new leadership that honors Jesus and the Church.


A timetable will be determined as part of the transition plan, but can be affected by, among other things, the appointed Lead Pastor’s location and existing ministry commitments. The Search Committee understands however, that while they diligently work through the search process, this timeline is completely in God’s perfect timing. A formal introduction date will be announced ahead of time at, on social media, and in our Weekly email.

As Interim Pastor, Eric Heard has committed to leading Inland Hills in the months following Pastor Andrew’s passing, until a permanent successor is appointed. Once a Lead Pastor has been selected, Eric will step down from his interim role and remain a dedicated friend of Inland Hills.

Inland Hills is working with the Elder Board and Vanderbloemen Search Group to develop and execute a transition plan. One step of that plan is the newly-formed Search Committee of longtime, dedicated IHC members who will pray, discern, and recommend a candidate for Lead Pastor.

No—candidates will be evaluated by the Elder Board, Search Committee, and Vanderbloemen staff. It has been a long-term practice for IHC to have guest speakers on occasion, and there is no intent for guest speakers to be assumed as candidates.

First, pray for the future Lead Pastor of IHC and his family, and for discernment and wisdom for the Search Committee, Elder Board, and Vanderbloemen. Secondly, be the church—worship, serve, and give together. Thirdly, demonstrate patience and respect for the transition process and those involved, sharing official updates and avoiding rumors. Lastly, if a potential candidate comes to mind and you have confirmed it in prayer, encourage them to fill out and submit an application here.


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