What Did Jesus Accomplish?

What Did Jesus Accomplish?
Sunday, April 5

*Note to leaders: This guide is designed to assist you and your group while growing in your relationship with Jesus together. As you prepare each week, feel free to prioritize questions or sections in this study guide, based on your group dynamic and needs.


With love and mercy, God accepted Jesus’ intentional sacrifice to rescue us from sin and defeat evil.


How does our popular culture depict God? It can range from strong to stern to kindly to distant, and more. How accurate or not are those depictions?


God is Light (1 John 4:8), Love (1 John 1:5), and Life (John 14:6).

How have you observed these qualities of God in your personal and spiritual life?

Why do you think God wants to have a restored relationship with humanity? How would that benefit God?

What results do you see when people live in fear of God’s wrath and judgment?


Have someone read John 10:11-18.

How do these verses expand our understanding of the character and heart of God?

In dying on the cross, Jesus was exposed to the full effects of sin, evil, and death—and yet, He acted willingly. Why is it important that Jesus intentionally laid down His life, rather than having it taken from Him?

How does the act of Jesus reconciling humanity with God inspire you to live?

GOING DEEPER (leader’s discretion)

Have someone read 1 Corinthians 15:56-57 and 2 Corinthians 5:21.

From these two verses, how are death and sin described? How is God’s response described? What does this tell you about God’s character and where we stand with Him?

How have you allowed sin to prevent you from fully living in righteousness and victory? What areas of your life have you not fully adopted Jesus as King?

GOING way DEEPER (leader’s discretion)

Take a few moments and watch this video on christus victor and penal substitution atonement with N.T. Wright.

What value is there in focusing on the victory over sin and death, versus Christ taking on the wrath of God?

Do you feel there can be a balance between those two stances, or do they directly oppose each other? Why or why not?

Why did Jesus have to become sin to defeat sin?


On the cross and in His life, Jesus willingly gave of His time, His wisdom, and His ability. How does Jesus’ example inspire you to help others? Choose a tangible way to provide assistance to someone; one option is referring them to our Benevolence request form provided below.


Father, you have worked tirelessly to bring us into a loving relationship with you. We see that Jesus willingly died for us–not because of your wrath, God, but out of mercy and care for us. Thank you that we don’t have to live separated from you, or be subject to sin and death without hope. We pray to see your love behind the miracle of Easter, this month and all year. Amen!


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