When the Church Embraced ONE

When the Church Embraced ONE
Sunday, June 21

*Note to leaders: This guide is designed to assist you and your group while growing in your relationship with Jesus together. As you prepare each week, feel free to prioritize questions or sections in this study guide, based on your group dynamic and needs.


The Church Embraced the ONE


As a group, discuss what it means to “be a good Christian?” How can one be a better Christian?


Have someone read Acts 15:1-21.

Why do you think there was such a strong debate over why the physical act of circumcision allowed or prevented someone from being saved?

Have you ever felt that loving God meant following all the rules? As a group, make a list of some rules and lifestyle expectations that Christians often expect other Christians to hold and abide by? 

Which items on your list are clearly required by God and which ones are rooted in human expectations? (Feel free to add to your list above)

How do people treat those who do not abide by their specific standard for following Jesus? Share an example of how you have witnessed or experienced judgment as a result of varied expectations.

Looking at verse 19. What are some ways that people make it difficult for others to know and follow after Jesus? How can Christias resist this mentality with grace and understanding?


Have someone read Acts 15:22-35.

What did the apostles and elders do to show unity and solidarity as they communicated to the gentiles?

How would the scenario look different if those opposed (Acts 15:5) had been successful in their agenda?

How can this example encourage Christ followers to better handle disagreements among each other? How does the passage of scripture from Acts 15:1-35 challenge how you treat and interact with those who are part of the body of believers as well as those who are not Christ followers yet?


What can you do this week to better support the unity of the body of believers? What specific thoughts, actions, disagreements, and decisions do you need to encounter with more love and grace as you seek to follow Jesus?


Thank you God for the example shown to us through this passage of how we can seek resolution in times of disagreement. Help us to show grace to those who might hold different opinions, and help us demonstrate your love as we seek unity. Help us to honor and represent You well as we interact with others. Amen!

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